Tuesday, 19 April 2016


•    The BTC’s 2016  Fancy Lake brick practice series occurs each Thursday night from May 12th until August 25th
•    It is based from the Fancy Lake picnic park at 858 Conquerall Mills road, approximately 5kms from Bridgewater (map on Website)
•    The practice starts at approximately 6:15 and ends at 8pm

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Bridgewater Triathlon Club
Newsletter – January 2016

As promised just before Christmas, here is the first BTC Newsletter of 2016. The format and style are still a work in progress, so any suggestions will be gratefully received.

In this issue we will have a few club announcements followed by two features: The first of these is an essay written by Hughie Fraser in “Training Corner. It is very timely and wonderfully informative. Thank you Hughie. The second is hopefully a recurring column designed to dispel or explain “conventional wisdom” or at least get a debate going. The series will take the format of a question and answer, called “Maybe... Maybe not.”

We are still looking for submissions. If you have anything newsworthy, please send it in. If you have any particular insights you'd like to share, send them in also. If you have acquired a new piece of equipment and would like to do a review, if you've learned how to use some training analysis software and would like to do an introduction to it, or if you have learned something about training, racing, gear, rules, physiology, nutrition etc. please jot down your thoughts and send them to me at bridgewatertriclub@gmail.com. The sky's the limit.

Well, let's get on with it.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Club Swim Practice Starts Thursday Feb 4th 2016

Swimming starts this week! Thursday Night at 8pm at the LCLC

***Spring Swim***
We have had a great response to our group swim that will be taking place at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center on Thursday nights at 8pm starting February 4th and running for 13 weeks.
There have been a number of questions about the swim. I will attempt to answer below.

Q.Will the swim be coached?
A. Yes and No. There will be a ``coach`` onsite to facilitate the swim either on deck or participating.
This practice will be for cardio improvement, not necessarily for individual stroke improvement. However, we have many accomplished swimmers in the BTC that would be happy to help on an individual basis.