Monday 5 March 2012

13 week run interval practice starts Wed Apr 4

A 13 week run interval practice will start on Wednesday April 4, 2012

The hour long practice will be coached by Colin Edwards and will be held at various locations between Bridgewater and Lunenburg such as the MARC, Miller Point Park and track(s)

This event is open to everyone and you do so at your own risk.

The first night (Apr 4) will be at the MARC in Dayspring and will include a presentation by Matt Keith -- a runner and physiotherapist from Nova Functional -- on run injuries and injury prevention.

The cost is $25/person and all proceeds after expenses will be donated to PROKIDS, a program that encourages kids participation is sports.


Interval runs are an effective way to increase your speed and are an important component in a run program.  It is a hard effort so there is an increased chance of injury.  The workouts start with an easy warm-up, followed by a hard main set and then a cooldown.  There is an optional group stretch at the end.