Wednesday 3 July 2013


The 2013 South Shore Kids' Triathlon is behind us. On Monday July 1, 115 young athletes participated in our 11th Annual event. Race Director Steve Saunders was very pleased with the turnout, despite some early-morning questionable weather. The small amount of drizzle didn't deter any of the youngsters from throwing themselves fully at the triathlon course which, as usual, took place around the Bridgewater Outdoor Pool. For the youngest athletes, it was difficult at times to tell whether it was the children or their parents who were most excited, but all seemed to be having the times of their lives. As the older athletes hit the course, it was obvious that many take their performances quite seriously. Thankfully there were only a few very minor upsets with no injuries. Local residents of the neighbourhood, through which the races were run, were very accommodating despite being occasionally delayed at intersections or in driveways. The Bridgewater Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture, and especially Sandy Mair-Dodman, deserve a special thank you for giving our club the opportunity to participate in this wonderful grassroots multisport event. Those of us who volunteered are already looking forward to being involved again next year.

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