Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Self-Coached Triathlete

In pursuit of our club vision, the BTC Executive has endorsed the offering of a six part seminar series this fall. It will be called "The Self-Coached Triathlete" and is aimed at giving attendees the information, tips, guidance and resources to make informed decisions about their multisport (duathlon, triathlon etc.) gear, training, and racing. You will find a seminar syllabus at the bottom of this note.

Who will benefit from this initiative? Everyone! Whether you are considering joining our "My First Triathlon" (MFT) program next spring at Fancy Lake, have a year or two under your belt and want to take your training and racing to the next level, or are a seasoned veteran, I guarantee you will benefit from these talks. The last session will provide all attendees with an electronic copy of an annual training planning tool. In addition, attendees will all receive an invaluable electronic collection of reference material. As an aside, virtually all the information you will receive can also be used to improve any one of the triathlon disciplines individually or in combinations. All material will be presented in non-technical language and will be directly applicable to you without further interpretation. There will be lots of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Amendment - November 08, 2013:

The first presentation of our "The Self-Coached Triathlete" seminar will take place this Saturday, November 9, 2013 at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre on Wentzell Rd, off Logan Road in Bridgewater, starting at 10:00 am. We have 10 people listed so there is room for a few more. The canteen on site opens at noon and will have hot dogs, nachos, fries, onion rings, hot chocolate, coffee and junk food snacks. Coffee addicts should bring your own for the morning sessions. If the menu doesn't appeal, you can either go out for lunch, or bring a sandwich (or whatever). For people who wish to have copies of the reference material and powerpoint presentations, please bring a USB thumb drive of at least 1 GB capacity so we can dump the files. 

See you there,

David Aggett

Finally, if you know anyone who may be considering joining our club or our MFT program next spring, please let them know. They will be welcome too.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

David Aggett
BTC Communications

The Self-Coached Triathlete

Seminar Series Outline

1. Basics of Gear Selection - Bike, helmet, wetsuit, Heart rate monitor, powermeter, wheels, etc.
2. Basics of Training Theory - Stress, Recovery and Accommodation, Energy Systems, Role of Hormones, Types of training, Workout profiles, Principles of Periodization
3.Cycling and Running - Technique, Efficiency, Injury Prevention and Aging
4. Nutrition and the Rule Book -(Two separate topics)
5. Race Preparation and Strategy plus Attendee-Driven Topics
6. Annual Training Plan plus Attendee-Driven Topics

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