About the Club

The Bridgewater Triathlon Club was founded by its first President, Anne Miller, in April 2002. The first Fancy Lake practice followed in May. The Club was beginner focused, with the aim of participants completing their first triathlon the same season they joined. Some of the original Club members are still members today.

The Bridgewater Triathlon Club provides a safe and supportive environment for new and experienced triathletes in the pursuit of their personal goals for swimming, biking and running. We also host an annual multi-sport event -- the Riverport Duathlon.

The club conducts a series of practices and events throughout the year.  We also inform our members about related events that may be beneficial to multi-sport athletes.

Who are your members?

Just about an even split between male and female from 13 to 60+.  While everyone's interests and goals are unique, everyone participates in (some even enjoy!) physical activity at a level appropriate for their fitness.

Why triathlon?

BTC members share their reasons for participating in triathlon:
Norma Jean (19) - you get a good workout that gives an overall muscle tone. If you work hard enough, you can eat whatever you want :-)

Cliff (27) - Triathlon is one of the only sports I know that you can openly discuss what your not good at. Nobody is perfect in all 3 disciplines. If you strictly swim or bike or run, talking about your weakness is giving away valuable information. For example if your not good at hills and other people know this, they will drop you on the hills. In triathlon there is an openness for people to help you get better. That's what I appreciate the most, the people who do the sport.

TJ (28) - triathlon is a way of life. i do it, to be fit, and it allows me to eat what i want. plus i like the cool gear.

Tammy (30s) - I like to participate in triathlons because it gives me a rush of all positive energies and feel good emotions. I feel strong, confident and proud. And for a high energy person, this is just the sport for me. I'm hooked!

Keith (40s) - Training causes me to focus on a plan that involves healthy eating and time management of my day-to-day activities. It helps structure my life so that I make the best use of my time. One of the main benefits I receive from my training is of course, a healthy, sound body. The secondary affect from this is a healthy, sound mind. My physical conditioning helps me deal much better with the stresses in my workplace and in my personal life.

Tom (50s) - two things attract me to triathlon ... there's a place for everyone (male/female, young/middle-aged/older, competitive/for fun, individuals/families) and I can be active in a variety of sports that provide a balanced, overall approach to fitness.

For further information please contact us at: bridgewatertriclub@gmail.com