On the Google Calendar below:

  • Bridgewater Triathlon Club workouts and events are listed in red

  • Other workouts and events that might be of interest to members are listed in blue

Click on the workout/event to get more information. Help with the Calendar is further down on this page.

If you have a workout or event that you'd like listed, please contact us at:

Official Maritime Race Schedule Maritime Race Calendar


More info about each event in the Calendar?

  • click on the event for time, location and details about the event

Within the one calendar shown above, there are actually three different calendars:

  • BTC Events - events put on by the BTC

  • Races - races that might be of interest to BTC members

  • Other Events - things that might be of interest to BTC members

If you only want to display one of the above, select the drop-down arrow at the top right corner and select the one you want to view.

You can view the Calendars as either:

  • Agenda (long list ... which is what is displayed by default)

  • by the WEEK

  • or by the MONTH.

You can view the Calendar full screen in your browser at the following url:

You can subscribe to any of the three Calendars so it shows up in your Calendar by selecting the following urls:

How do I get the events sent to me by email?

  • setup a Gmail account (its free)

  • if you don't want to use Gmail for your email, Forward the email to your favourite email account

  • go to your Gmail Calendar and subscribe to any or all of the above Calendars

  • in your Google Calendar settings, set the NOTIFICATIONS to your preference

  • if you are a BTC member and having issues, contact us for help :